Ghostwriting Services

Sometimes it seems impossible to get your best ideas and most compelling stories down on the page. Writer’s block and time constraints can place your productivity in a stranglehold, keeping you from ever finishing that book, article, or white paper. If you’re experiencing these difficulties, it may be time to hire a professional ghostwriter.

We are ready to handle your next writing project, whatever the length and format. Our in-house team of professional ghostwriters will analyze your writing style to produce clear, error-free writing that communicates your ideas in your voice. We will help you finish your writing project effectively and in a timely manner, and best of all, you will retain 100% of the credit.


Our Time Your Product

At The Pen is Mightier, we are committed to producing ghostwritten content that is truly yours. We will carefully analyze your writing to imitate your personal style, including sentence patterns, vocabulary, and favorite phrases. The result will be a piece of writing that looks and sounds like your own. Our ghostwriting services are strictly confidential, and no one will know we were there. We understand that these are your ideas; we are merely providing the words. You will have the final say over what goes into your project, and when it’s finished, you can take all the credit.


Made to Order Writing in Any Format

As a full-service professional writing firm, we have the resources and flexibility to handle any ghostwriting project you need. We work to our clients’ specifications to produce online and offline ghostwritten content in a variety of formats, including but not limited to:

  • Books and E-books
  • Online articles
  • White papers
  • Editorial or print articles
  • Speeches
  • Professional presentations

Whether your project is one of these or something else entirely, we have the experience and skills to provide you with top-quality, ghostwritten content. You name it, we’ll write it. Like every piece of writing we produce, your project will be written and edited by our in-house team, ensuring clarity and grammatical correctness.


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