Our Start-Up Story


Creating quality content in Austin, Texas since August of 2017

The team at Mightier Content is dedicated to creating the highest quality content for agencies and businesses across all industries, and we aim to do it with professionalism and the best client-service possible. We don’t just want to write content for you, we want to be your partner and your go-to team for all of your content needs. We want to get to know what drives you, drives your business, and how you communicate with your clients and potential clients. Basically, we want to feel like we are your in-house team, without the expense and management hassles.

Ask our satisfied clients, and you’ll discover that we are dependable, friendly, and responsive. We aim to deliver the highest quality product every time we touch the keyboard, and we will not rest until we get it right. There is a reason why large marketing firms, SEO companies, real estate professionals, and dynamic start-ups have chosen us to help be their voice online. We’re proud to be their partners and we feel that every visitor they convert to a client is a win for us as well.

So, call us to find out what we’re all about. While writing is our main passion, we’re also ready to talk about you and your business any time you want. We’re here to help you find your voice online and find your waiting audience of interested clients.


Sean Hall, Content Director/Owner

Sean Hall is the proud owner and Content Director for The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators. He has over ten years of experience developing dynamic, SEO-friendly content for clients large and small across the United States. He has extensive agency experience and enjoyed great success as a part of a dynamic, fast-rising digital marketing start-up. He has taken his agency experience and works hard every day to bring the energy and excitement that every company needs to deliver a quality service for every single client.

When he isn’t tied to his laptop, Sean is most likely drinking coffee out of a cartoonishly tiny cup (ask anyone who knows him…it’s true). Prompted (but mostly unprompted), he may tell you about being the singer and bassist for a punk band in the early 2000’s or he may inundate you with pictures of his 16-month old son, Kellan.