The Doors Are Open: The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators


We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators, LLC, a professional content creation agency based in Austin, Texas. Founder Sean Hall brings to his business over fifteen years of technical content writing and marketing for the legal industry and other professional fields. His experience in working as an executive at one of Austin’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, Cloud[8]Sixteen, Inc. gave him the knowledge and ability to launch his agency.

At The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators, our goal is to provide superior, affordable content for your business, which means that we will focus solely on getting your message out to your current and prospective clients in a clear, direct manner that matches the voice of your team. We partner with each of our clients to find out what sets them apart, and how their message is best conveyed. We want to be your voice online, in print, and on your social media channels.

Our company’s philosophy is simple, and it matches our straightforward approach: we want to write the best content for you. We only hire writers who love the practice of putting words on the page, and our editors hold themselves to the highest standards in the industry. Do we fight over the use of the Oxford comma? Once a month, at least. Do we have strong opinions on MLA style versus AP? You’re damn right, we do. If you’re looking for a team with a passion for writing and the ability to match your tone and style to a “T,” The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators is the right team for you.

Our office is located at 2021 Guadalupe Street, Suite 260, in Austin, Texas. We are right next to the campus of The University of Texas at Austin, where the majority of our writing team went to school, including our founder, Sean Hall, who earned his Bachelor of Arts in English there in 2009. The bustling campus provides a high-energy atmosphere that doesn’t settle down behind our office doors. Our common space has a coffee-bar, ping-pong table, and a massive metal tree (complete with a swing - weight-limit not yet tested).

While our ping-pong skills may not be championship level, our content cannot be beaten. We are proud to announce the launch of our company officially, and we look forward to helping our clients find their voice and connect with their customers in new and exciting ways. On behalf of the entire team at The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators, we encourage you to call us to find out how we can help your business!