Three Sexy Literary-Figure Halloween Costumes You Never Asked For


Let it never be said that the team at The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators didn’t know how to party. We can celebrate with the best of them, and we use every holiday as a chance to cut loose (that’s right, we’re looking at you, Arbor Day). For us, Halloween is no exception.

If you’re planning on hitting up a Halloween party too and need some last-minute costume ideas, look no further. If you choose any of these three gems, no credit is needed, just photographic evidence that we can blast across social media in all its glory.

1. Sexy Captain Ahab – “Call me Ishmael”, and call your date smitten when you hobble up to their doorstep with all of that exposed leg carved from wood! Who doesn’t love a scraggly chin-beard, guaranteed to catch every crumb and drop of whiskey to be enjoyed later? Bonus points if you complement the costume with a severe case of jaundice. This one won’t guarantee you a happy ending at the end of the night. However, it will 100% steal all of the happiness from your tomorrow in the form of a hangover.

2. Sexy Old Man and The Sea – He fought day and night to bring in that marlin, and you too can go all day and night in this stunner of a get-up. While it might feel a bit daring and rakish to go without pants, this costume requires only a wooden skiff, a few pieces of fresh-caught fish, and some rope to lash them to the boat. Wearer be warned: this outfit definitely has a shelf-life. You may want to limit your partying to about an hour or two before that fish begins to spoil and your compadres start to notice the smell….

3. Sexy Cthulhu – You’ll be guaranteed to be given a chance to practice your own “Lovecraft” when people see you in this sweet beast of a costume. Unfortunately, we don’t even know where to start to make this costume, much less how to make it sexy (or should we say, “sexier”?). Do you use real octopus? Where do you get the wings? Tell you what…if you end up using this idea, shoot us a picture of it in our DMs.

We hope you take these ideas and run with them because no one here at Mightier Content HQ is going to be able to wear them at the company party. For those who are keeping score, it is Human Resources = 1 / Scandalous Creativity = 0. Stay tuned because there are only 365 days until our next last-minute sexy literary-figure Halloween costumes that you never asked for.